Buyer tips

Winnipegs real estate market is a sellers market, as such it means it is tough for buyers to buy.

It is commonplace to have a "date for offers" spelled out within the listing remarks.

This is usually a 3-7 day period the house is made available for buyers to visit and is a period when the house can not be sold.

  • The intention of the time period is for you to get organised to complete your due diligence; check out the house, arrange pre-approved financing, get a 2nd opinion, perhaps revisit and be comfortable with the house.
  • The agents and owner create this time window to help you make as clean and strong an offer as you can. The time does create a wonderful opportunity to become a better buyer; become more informed of market conditions, more informed on the house itself and ensure you are not rushed.
  • When the date for offers to be reviewed comes up use it to your advantage - be as informed and prepared as you can. This system and technique is designed to help you. You have a a reasonable period of time to make your decision and check things out.

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