Summer sales action 2011

The 2011 spring months sales action have been above average in volume and unit sales for Winnipeg Realtors Association and forecasts are becoming a tad bit jumbled.

On one hand charter banks are stating a downturn is imminent while those on the street are being run off their feet.

Further to the charter banks comments I would say this is an old tune they sing and have been singing for a few years. But there is valid concern that the US economy is dreadful and not improving. Consumer debt in both Canada and the USA is very high. Difference being the US employment rate is not confident and our employment is linked to the US.

Closer to home in Manitoba and Winnipeg our employment is rock solid and our population continues to grow. Regionally, those two items (employment and population growth) pave a healthy short term future. Long term is always impacted by the national economy and/or isolated regional activity such as oil, wood or automobiles.

Meanwhile, our office is on a record pace and has implemented some outstanding systems to ensure our success continues!

Roger Burns

Roger Burns

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