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It’s Bargain Hunting Season

Yes, garage sale signs are just starting to bloom. It’s a fun way to de-clutter, but keep safety top-of-mind so you don't lose items you didn’t mark as "for sale."
Keep the windows, front & back door, as well as the back gate locked. An open door could be an invitation to younger children to go and explore while their parents look around. You may not notice them heading into your home as you assist customers.
If the garage door is open, place tables in such a way as to obstruct anyone wanting to get further into your garage. And put away expensive tools and sporting equipment. Otherwise, you may find interested buyers looking through other things hoping for a bargain.
Have your cordless phone or cell phone with you. This way you don't have to leave your sale unattended if there's a call. But don't put it down, because someone may try to buy it!
Pest Stoppers

With warmer weather comes bug season.
This year consider “chemical-free” alternatives to keep pests away.

Stopping Ants is a Picnic
Sprinkle a line of Cinnamon around the areas where you've spotted ant armies. Basil leaves also work well. They don't like the “smell” and won't cross the line. Works for picnics too - sprinkle Cinnamon around the blanket.

Shoo Fly
Basil is a tasty way to keep flies away. Add a little to your summer salads. And place a few leaves on the table when you're eating outdoors to ward off flying pests.

Bees Be Outta Here
Keep outdoor entertaining bee-free by tying a few Dryer Anti-Static Sheets around chair legs and tree branches.

Natural Mosquito-Be-Gone
Keep a few drops of Clove Oil on the back deck. The scent masks other aromas that attract annoying mosquitoes. You can even wear a few drops as personal mosquito repellent.


Call Before You Dig – And Eliminate Service Cuts 

Planting a tree? Digging fence post holes or deck support holes? It's pretty crowded underground - gas pipelines, electrical services, telephone and cable TV, as well as water and sewer connections. And it's not just your home, your neighbours' connections could be under your property as well.

It's not only the loss of service, damage caused by digging could cause injury. Imagine hitting a gas pipe or an electrical line.

Even if you've hired a contractor and they say, "don't worry", make the call. It's your property. It's your responsibility. And if you break it... or cut it... as well as safety, there's a repair bill to consider.


What's A Condominium Lien?

It's a legal interest or right that the Condo Corporation has in a unit of the condominium complex. It enables the Condo Corporation be paid from the "proceeds of sale" for a unit, to cover Common Expense debts that may be owed to the Corporation.

Does your Condominium Corporation effectively enforce the lien rights? If not, every Owner could end up bearing the costs if any one Unit Owner fails to pay.

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