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Keep Cooler with Window Film

Yes, the summer sizzle will arrive soon. Hopefully! And when it's here, Window Film is a great way to reduce energy loss - and lower cooling costs. It's easy to apply and is virtually invisible. There are different types of Window Film for a variety of uses. Some use adhesives, while other films offer a "peel & stick" static cling application. Depending on the type of window, Window Film can:
•    Help save 12-18% on annual energy costs.
•    Provide 98% UV protection.
•    Block 75% of thermal solar heat, in summer, reducing heat transfer through the glass.

A great idea for homes without central air, or to reduce the costs of running the AC, you'll find Window Film at leading home improvement centres. Or find out more at:

Tip: Before installing, carefully check the window edge surfaces for scratches or flaws. Window Film increases the temperature of the glass surface and if there are flaws in the window, the stress could cause the glass to crack.

Cleaning the Patio Set?

Before BBQ season gets into full-swing, give your outdoor furniture a refreshing scrub. If it's the white resin type, mix liquid dish soap, with some Borax and 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide per gallon of water into a clean bucket. Saturate the furniture with the cleaner and let it sit for 15 minutes to loosen the dirt. Scrub and rinse. Be sure to test on an inconspicuous spot first. 

And don't use a power washer on any outdoor furniture. It can take the paint off metal furniture, cut through wicker, or strip the protective coating off resin furniture leaving it feeling "gritty".

Off-Gassing - Weird Expression. But Avoidable. 

Have you ever unpacked a new shower curtain and inhaled that chemical smell? That's off-gassing - from new, chemically-treated "plastic products", composite wood furnishings or chemically-treated fibers. Before bringing them inside, unpack and leave them outside or in the garage for a few days to "air out".

Renting Out Your Condo

Whether you're planning on getting a roommate or renting out the entire unit, the first step is to check the Condominium Bylaws. The Condo Corporation may have a detailed set of rules that outline rights and responsibilities regulating tenants and tenancies. 

Make sure you're aware of any restrictions for tenants - use of recreational facilities and other common elements of property. Keep in mind that bylaws can be changed if enough of the owners agree. 

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