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With the chill in the air, real estate continues to be a hot topic. Know someone warming up to a move? Any time of year, I’m available to help make home ownership dreams come true. Thank you for keeping me top-of-mind as the knowledgeable real estate resource for you and those you know.
Beware the Backdraft
We do everything we can to seal our homes for maximum energy efficiency. But our furnace, hot water tank and fireplace need fresh air to operate effectively and safely. Without good ventilation, Carbon Monoxide (CO), that is created as part of the combustion process, can be drawn into the home. It’s called backdrafting. And it's dangerous.

CO is odourless, colourless, tasteless and very toxic. Check that there are no leaves or debris in the fresh air vents outside the home. And during winter, keep the vents clear of snow. If the hot water tank or furnace is in a closed space, be sure there is a door vent or at least a supply of fresh air.

Carbon Monoxide detectors are critical and should be installed near sleeping areas. In many areas, they're required by law.
First Frost – Timely Tips
Drain the outside water line.
First, shut off the outside water tap at the inside source. Then, open the outside tap and let the water flow until it stops. This prevents water from freezing inside the pipe during winter and bursting the pipe.
Protect your garden with mulch.
After the first frost is the ideal time to add a layer of untreated wood mulch to protect sensitive perennials and trees, inhibit spring weed growth, and slow soil erosion.
Managing Humidity 
Proper humidity in your place will not only make you feel warmer, it will also keep wood furniture in fine form, keep drywall screws from popping, and protect belongings from the damaging effects of dry air. A recommended interior humidity level is between 35% and 45%.
Humidity is good, but too much moisture in the air can provide a breeding ground for bacteria, mould, and mildew if left unchecked. Regular humidifier maintenance is important. If it’s running with a clogged, dirty filter, it could be adding bacteria and mould spores to the air instead of eliminating them.

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