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Taking photographs of the house you are listing is a vital part of a real estate marketing technique that makes a house sell.  People love pictures!  They will send the listing to all their friends and family to see what they think of the "house they are thinking of buying" and everybody will see something different from the photographs.  Photography is an art and there is so much behind the scenes - sure anyone can take a photograph but are you maximizing your effect is the question. 

Often when you see photographs of the interior of a home you see photo's of the fridge, bed, table.......... that's because with the width of a regular lens you can only capture so much .  Using a wide angle lens allows you to capture the whole room without having to sacrifice and chose only one wall of the room.  It gives the viewer a bigger picture of what the whole room looks like.

Lighting is another key element in your photographs.  Remember the web often shows darker than your original image, meaning your photo on yur vamera may look nice and bright but then you upload it to the web and it seems dark and dingy.  When there is not enough natural light use a flash but watch for glares off glass, hardwood and mirrors.

Exterior shots are the most important!  This is the first impression.  Try to incorporate the curb appeal as well as the home itself.  Take the photo from angle that is most appealing - don't put emphasis on the garage or the side of the house that has been neglected.  Make sure either all blinds are up or down but stay consistent.  Remove all unnessesary clutter and try to incorporate a well maintained flower garden. 

Attention to details -  Are the pictures straight on the wall? are the cushions placed properly? is the bed made?  are the book shelves tidy?  are the counter tops clean? is the fridge free of all clutter?  these things WILL make a difference in your photographs so pay attention!

Accesories of particualr interest - Take close up shots, show them off!

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