Remember saftey in school zones

September is here, which means it is time for thousands of kids to return to school. 


The speed limit in most school zones is 40 Km.  If you are travelling 60Km an hour it takes almost twice the distance to come to a stop.  At the beggining of the school year there is an influx pedestrians around the school zones.  That extra stopping distance can be the differance between stopping in time and causing serious injury or death to a child.

Sadly some drivers are rushing or outwardly losing patients with crossing gaurds while they are assisting children through the cross walk because they are in a rush for work.  If you are one of these people you need to realize that crossing gaurds are there for people like you. 

A driver approaching an intersection while a crossing gaurd is stopping traffic must stop and proceed only when the pedestrians and crossing gaurds have left the roadway. 

If you commit this offence and your license plate is recorded by a witness (which it will be) you can be charged.  Upon conviction 3 demerit points and $180 fine.

Remember we need to keep our children safe.  Not all children are entitled to a bus depending on the distance from their home to school so they have no choice but to travel the sidewalks and cross roads to get to school.  They are children and rightly or wrongly trusting us to be watching out for them.

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