To DIY or Not to DIY?


We have all seen those TV programs whereby they show homeowners do DIY renovations and they are complete disasters. Sure, we are only human after all and we think “wouldn’t it be great to save the money instead of paying the professional contractor to fix…I’m going to do it myself”.

When thinking about it, it all seems so simple until you start the project or remove something. When it is completed, you don’t understand why it looks slanted, or why it is not staying put or serious ones such as wires that you don’t know what they are for. Reminds me of an episode of Married With Children when Al Bundy decided to install something and he came across an electrical switch that had no idea what it was for. He ended up tearing out all his walls and in the end it was a light that he was turning on and off for the dog house in the backyard.

Some handy people can figure things out and all works out so they think except that everyone can tell that it was not done professionally. Sometimes, it ends up costing you more money because you couldn’t get it right and now the professional has to tear up your bad work in order to start from scratch the right way.

A professional in whatever field has the knowledge, resource and expertise to figure out certain obstacles that may arise and their level of experience can help avoid certain outcomes because they do what they do every day. Sure a person can research the internet these days and get informed about symptoms that they are experiencing and try some home remedies but that does not mean that someone should self diagnose and not go to the doctor.

The same can be said about real estate, you can sell your home privately and may be successful but how sure are you that you got the true value your home was worth.   What about law suits that you could face because you misrepresented your property or didn’t disclose something that you were supposed to disclose. The various facets of a transaction are outlined in a great video that the Toronto Real Estate Board has provided for consumers.


Picking the right agent is important. Choosing one solely because of what they charge or because they agree to overprice your home can end up costing you. Some consumers realize they made a mistake when their home just sits on the market and end up having to continuously reduce the price until it gets to where it should have been in the first place. Unfortunately, by the time that comes around, the rush of the interest is gone and potentially causing buyers to think there is something wrong with the property. This is about the time that the offers come in lower or the seller is tired and just wants to sell it and be done with it.

Take the time to sit and interview a few salespeople and ask questions other than just what the list price should be and what their commission is. Get to know them and go with your gut instinct it’s usually right.

Rose Lopez-Frometa

Rose Lopez-Frometa

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