Trick or Treat?


Every year we have to trick our brain and body to belive that it is one hour ahead in Spring and one hour behind in Fall in order to have more sunlight. History shows that Benjamin Franklin first suggested DST in 1784 but it wasn't proposed until 1895 by George Vernon Hudson a New Zealand entomologist. It is noted that it wasn't adopted and implemented until the First World War in 1916 by only a few countries in Europe.

Most people believe we do this to save on electricity because of less lighting needed at night. Others believe it to be for other reasons such as to improve visability in order to reduce road accidents or to boost tourism as there is more time for outdoor acitivities.

For the last decade or so, many studies are being done to see if this is still ideal in today's world. Experts say that they don't see how moving the clock an hour forward or backwards can make a difference in saving electricity and that Benjamin Franklin did not take in to consideration air conditioners which people are running beyond summer because of the sun. Some are trying to prove that there are more suicides caused by depression or that it is unheathly to force our brain to adjust to these shifts thereby affecting our bodies and sleep patterns. Some say that our bodies will follow the cycle of the sun even though we adjust the clock.

Trick or Treat?     Healthy or unhealhty?     I guess we don't know.


Rose Lopez-Frometa

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