Day Care Cost make work even less appealing then it already is

Average monthly fees, full-day daycare centres by age group in 2012

Province   Cost ($)  
    Infants Todders
NL   n/a 773
PEI   696 566
NS   825 694
NB   740 653
QC   152 152
ON   1,152 925
MB   631 431
SK   650 561
AB   900 825
BC   1,047 907


Source: Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada 2012


After you pick your jaw up off the floor, try to wrap your brain around that cost. As usual Ontario leads the way in cost.  Work is one of the least appealing things ever, especially for a new mom. And if you add to that the COST of a child wrangler it basically makes me sad for mothers (and fathers) everywhere who allocate a large portion of thier wages to have a virtual stranger raise thier kid, so they can be considered a productive part of society.

Crazy! Do you pay about this cost? 

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