Don't shoot the messanger: Slow Lane/Fast Lane.


It’s no secret that Real Estate Agents drive….. a lot. As a matter of fact, we pretty much live in our cars, so pardon us if we have a very low tolerance for bad drivers. One of my very biggest pet peeves when it comes to sharing the road is the concept of slow lane/fast lane.



It appears that many drivers (especially highway drivers) need a refresher course on this particular unofficial rule.

So please. Allow me.

You should be in the SLOW LANE IF:

  • You are driving the speed limit.
  • You are driving a transport truck, dump truck, cement truck, or anything else that requires a letter other than “G” on your license and/or has more than 4 wheels. On this note- if you are driving one of these- STOP PASSING other slow moving vehicles. As engaging as it is to be a participant in your game of leap frog (insert sarcasm here), it is completely unfair to leave a long line up of other drivers behind you, simply because you are drive ½ a kilometer faster than the truck in front of you.
  • If you are over the age of 65. Stay there until you exit.
  • For the love of God, stay in the slow lane if the back of your pick up looks like this:



FAST LANE DRIVERS are driving at least 120 km per hour. If you insist on driving in the fast lane, it is your responsibility to drive at least that, or move back into the slow lane when you see Mario Andretti racing up behind you. Move out of the way of people driving faster than you.

If you are in the fast lane remember it is a PASSING LANE. How can I pass you if you are IN the passing lane? If I am driving faster than you, it means you are driving slower than me and therefore should be in the slow lane. See how this works?


Don’t judge me.

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