Have you sold a house yet?

               One day about a year ago, I was sitting in my corner office looking out my window wondering how I could possibly be expected to perform the same mundane tasks from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, from now until eternity or the subsequent forty years of my life (whichever happened first.) Working my butt off so that my rich boss can vacation quarterly in the Caribbean was not making sense. I decided it was time for a change. Not long after, a wise woman told me that to find a career that would make me happy, I had to figure out what I was doing (or what I would do) for FREE. If I would do it for FREE, then I would certainly be happy doing it for money, no?

                This is how I stumbled upon Real Estate and it was the best darn decision of my life! I am home for my daughters every morning when they go to school, and I am there when they come home. I work as hard as I want and the only person vacationing off my efforts are my family…. Or at least they will be. Once I sell a house. Which leads me to my point- When a friend or family member informs you that they are now involved in the trade of real estate do NOT- under any circumstance- ask them if they’ve sold a house yet. All that does is remind them that they aren’t earning any income. It takes a lot of time and money and hard work to generate leads, appointments, and listings.   Also, never ever insinuate that that person is “home all day” to do this or that. It is just as insulting as telling a stay at home mom that they do nothing all day.

                So far my career change has been an incredibly positive experience. I’m with an amazing brokerage, and my friends and family have been amazingly receptive to my new occupation, but just for fun I have created a list of things that are acceptable (and not so acceptable) to say when a friend or family member announces their new position as a real estate sales representative.



5. “Congratulations!” (If you can’t think of anything half intelligent to say, just leave it here.)

4. “That’s Great! What are your commission rates?”   (This shows you are intelligent and interested.)

3. “I will let my friends know!” (This is all any agent ever wants to hear, BTW. It’s even better if you actually TELL your friends.)

2. “You will do well as an agent because you have the personality for it!” (Ego boosts are always welcome)

1. "I will be buying/selling in a few months. Can you contact me then?” (If you’re telling the truth, this is every agent’s dream)



5. “Have you sold a house yet?” (Really? You think it’s that easy?)

4. “My uncle/brother/sister in law is an agent” (Get over yourself. I’m not always trying to solicit clients… er…. well…. whatever.)

3. “Was it expensive to get into real estate?” (This answer is so subjective that there is no way to answer it.)

2. “So you’re home all day now?” ( Sigh….)

1. “I heard the market was going to crash.” (So did I. Every year since 1998)

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