Life: Outside the box.

                On occasion, I get the feeling that I live on the outside of the proverbial walls of the box. My entire life, I remember feeling so different than everyone else and joining the professional world of real estate has done nothing but exemplify that. I have created a jpeg depicting this:


                I just don’t get it. Real Estate Agents are so cool when left to their own devices. We are all incredibly social by nature. We like to drink and dance and laugh, and we do so at every opportunity. They tell dirty jokes, and pass around borderline inappropriate emails within the office. If “coolness” could be appropriated by profession, Real Estate agents would be somewhere between Michael Jackson’s eccentric Rhinestone glove circa 1983, and the classic black leather jacket.


                So if we are so darn cool, why on earth is it that when a potential client surfaces, everyone warps into Mr./Mrs. Preofessionalle, and we become the equivalent of a mullet. (Business in the front. Party in the back.)? I, myself, am guilty of this behaviour, too. I act the way I think I should act as opposed to what comes naturally to me. I like to think that I can lead a successful career from outside the box. Can’t I have fun with my clients and have them trust me with the biggest purchase of their lives? Can’t I just be… well… me? Perhaps there is a reason that everyone lives behind the walls of the tiny square box only letting loose behind closed doors. Maybe, I will be committing career suicide by letting my true colours shine for all to see. Or, maybe, I will invite a whole crew of potential clients to exit the confines of that square, and come with me for a refreshing gulp of fresh air- outside the box.

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