Multi-Use Trails and Bikeways Committee

I am slowly (but surely) warming up to my new role as a member on the advisory committee that represents Brantford's extensive multi use trails and bikeways.

Part of our mission is to encourage, inform and educate others to the trail system that Brantford has to offer. So I will simply add a map of the trail way and allow you to have a gander- I think everyone- whether you have lived here for 1 year or 30 years- will be shocked at just how large the trails are. There is something new for everyone to discover and we, as a committee are excited to promoted it's growth and enhancements to council.

So voila! Here is your map (in low quality)- Enjoy it with yourself, friends and/or family.  If you encounter any issuesor deficiencies on the trails while you are enjoying it- let me know!

Direct link to the high quality map:



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