What makes a Good Realtor?


A quote once stated to me about the selection of a real estate agent: “the devil you know or the devil you don’t.”  

What the…? I had to refrain from going all Chuck Norris on his ass, but then I calmed and started thinking. Is this the way it has to be? No, it most certainly is not. Well, I can think of a few people where this might apply, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the’ be all or end all’ of selecting an agent to represent you. Here are some tips to make sure you are getting a good realtor FOR YOU. Because the agent who works well with your cousin, might not be the best fit for you.


1. Interview a few agents. Find someone whos personality meshes with you. If you MUST (as a buyer), take them on a test run to make sure they understand what you are looking for. Do not use and abuse. If you feel it’s not a good fit, tell them so and move on- Don’t leave them hanging.

2. Do they speak confidently when answering your questions? A wishy washy agent is no help to you. You have questions- they should have answers.

3. Do they know about the market? Feel free to test them.

4. Does he/she listen to you? If they aren’t listening to you then how will they know what you want? Alternatively, if they don’t know what you want, they likely aren’t listening.

5. Are they available to you when you need them? You don’t want to miss out on purchasing a home or having a potential buyer see yours because your agent was too overloaded to help.

6. Common Sense. The ideal candidate will have a lot of this.

 7. A good realtor will know all the possible scenarios, and how to fix them all.


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