A Smooth Move

Moving is a lot of work and most people dread it. It can be especially difficult for you with kids of any age.

It’s also difficult for them. Very little children may think that they will be leaving beloved toys or pets behind. They may not even have the vocabulary to let you know why they are crying or clinging to you. Assure them that everything comes in the move. For the items that they are not so attached to, place a box in their room where they can pack things they wish to donate and explain to them that someone may need their outgrown clothing or other items. Kids love the thought that they are doing a good deed.

Be sure to contain pets.They certainly feel our stress and may bolt because of strangers in the home or unfamiliar noises and broken routines.

When you arrive at your new home try to set up the children’s room(s) first. The more they can feel familiar with the place, the less stress for all of you.

Teens may have resistance with the move. If possible, ask them what type of home they would like to move to. They are almost adults, and it certainly can add to the fun.

No matter if the move is to an exciting new place or next door or because of difficult circumstances it is stressful. Ask me at Century 21 Colonial to provide you with information to make your move the smoothest it can possibly be.

Remember, we can supply you with a moving van, FREE OF CHARGE for 24 hours! How’s that for smooth?

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Rosemary Wall

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