Organ Transplantation - "So that others may live"

Because of the generosity of someone who suffered a tragic accident, a familly member of mine is alive today.  He received an "11th" hour liver transplant which unquestionably saved his life.  Due to a bile duct disorder, his liver suffered signficantly reduced function. He was one of the lucky ones on the waiting list who actually received an organ.  Many others are not so fortunate.

The transplant not only kept him alive but it has allowed his two sons to enjoy their Dad to the fullest extent, not to mention all of us other family members who love him.  He can work, golf (alot better than me), travel, do all the things many of us take for granted. At his worst he could barely walk, suffered many secondary symptoms and was a shell of his normal self.  Frankly I don't know how he dealt with it on a daily basis but I am envious and proud of him and the bravery he displayed. By the way, he doesn't know I am blogging about this because he would never let me tell his story if I asked him.

If not for the foresight and genuine caring the donor and his/her family obviously have for others, my my family member's future would have been very bleak and likely very short.

If you have not already, please take the time, right now if you can, to sign your organ donor card or put on the sticker or whatever the specific procedure is in your jurisdiction.  Be sure to speak to your family members as well so they are crystal clear what your wishes are.  This will save lives and/or enhance the lives of others to a degree that you can't even imagine.

Take the time to educate yourself about organ and tissue transplantation.  It is a wonderful thing!

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