Should I List my Home in the Winter?

I get this question asked all of the time. People are hesitant to list during the winter months. If you are serious about getting your home sold and you would like to get this accomplished in a timely manner, winter has proven to be an excellent time to sell. 

I know what you are thinking, most people don't want to move in the winter. While you may not want to move in the winter other people may have to because of work or family.  The serious Buyers are out looking and buying now.

 What about the inconvenience of snow removal, always having the walkway and driveway cleared of snow? If you are living in the home you have to make sure you can get in and out especially in case of an emergency. You also possibly have mail or newspaper delivery and keep the walkway cleared for them. If you are not living at the property, you will have plenty of notice for showings to get the walkway cleared.

If you wait until spring the market gets flooded with too many homes and yours may get missed. Most people that are out looking at this time are not as serious, they feel they have plenty of time. Tire kickers I guess some people call them. This past summer proved to be a hot summer. Since our summers are short,  people are wanting to enjoy the activities like going to the beach or camping etc. Trends are changing. People now buy at different times than what was once the normal trend.

I have had some of my best sales months in the winter. Ask other professional Realtors and if they are active in the market they will agree. This may be your best time to sell.

So if you are asking yourself should I list my home in the winter, the answer is yes. Don't miss out on potential buyers. List now you may be pleasantly surprised. If your home is priced right and marketed correctly, it will sell within a reasonable period of time.


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