City of Waterloo Rental Bylaw

The Rental bylaw in Waterloo about to come into effect is being questioned by The Ontario Human Rights Commission as it may be discriminatory. Mayor Holloran does not believe that it is and has publically stated this on numerous occasions despite being warned. Her arrogance is astounding and quit e frankly the passing of this by law is nothing more than a money grab and punishes the landlords that run and operate safe rental housing.

The area where it discriminates is that in the City of Waterloo you will not be able to rent a home to a large family that require more than 4 bedrooms. In 1969 my parents emigrated here from Guyana along with my eight 8 brothers and sisters. If this rental bylaw exists then, Waterloo would not be an option as we clearly required more than 4 bedrooms. If this is not discrimination what is?

Prior to this new legislation there were adequate bylaws and licensing in place, however they simply were not being enforced by the City. What makes us believe that it will be enforced after the new bylaw comes into effect. I have to admit I am biased as I am a property owner with rental properties in Waterloo. However, I have never had a complaint, our properties are well maintained and in fact our buildings are among the nicest buildings on the streets that they are in.

So then why am I being punished for a few bad landlords when I am not the problem? These new license fees is nothing more than a tax on rental properties, but wait, it does not apply to everyone as high rise building are exempt. Talk about further discrimination!

I can go on and on about this subject, but simply the Mayor and the aldermens have to repeal this fraught and short sighted by law as it shames such a wonderful and progressive City.

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