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Realtor Ryan Anderson--Top 10 AGAIN

Cetury 21 Millennium has over 120 agents spread over 4 offices.  Ryan Anderson has once again made the TOP 10, and awarded  for closed transaction production for the year of 2012. 


THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR TRUST IN ME!! I will never forget any of you! 


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You can serve an eviction notice for many reasons;  If your tenant is damaging your property, or not paying you rent in full, or on time, or not at all you are definitely in your rights to evict!

Complete this form if your Tenant is damaging your investment, or over crowding or disrupting the peace or bothering neighbours.

Complete this form if you have a Tenant that is not paying rent. 

There is a 10-day eviction notice that can be used under serious circumstances.  I have had and have my fair share of tenants, and have been in front of the tribunal many times.  I have learned one very important lesson from these experiences, and it is more difficult than most people think, but when it is done correctly it makes the difference between a profitable investment and a legal nightmare that costs you thousands.  It really comes down to Tenant selection and screening!  I do offer this service as a part of my package when I place tenants for Landlords.

You have been looking for me and I have been looking at property for you

"I can't believe Ryan Anderson has been a real estate Investor for over 5 years.  His portfolio spans 4 different municipalities in Ontario!  His successes in realestate come from his passion to find solutions, and NEVER GIVE-UP attitude.  Working in various spheres and with all types of Canadians Ryan Anderson gains your confidence and not let you down." Iavor Todorov, Venture Capitalist

"Ryan, how did you do it?  You explained how to prepare the house for showings, you helped us fix the title before we listed, and you sold it on the first day...I have never seen that before.  I was not looking forward to my life being disrupted
with showings everyday, and it wasn't, we got 99% of list price and that's good enough for me!!! Thanks and Good Luck!"  Tony Cina and Rosaria Curto, Clients

CENTURY 21® Real Estate is a people oriented organization.  The Client comes first and that means service.  I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service possible. My personal knowledge of the local Real Estate market is combined with the power of the CENTURY 21 brand - the most recognized name in Real Estate today.

Let me learn how to assist you.  I believe every home is different and so is every buyer and seller.  It takes special consideration to get the job done right, and thats what I'll give.  You may be looking for a starter rental property to launch your realestate portfolio, or you've been a tenant for too long and want to pay your own mortgage.  I have my own investment properties and I truly see a mortgage as an investment in your future. 

I am well seasoned, resourceful, ready to negociate, and looking at the market everyday!! 

Let me assist you in finding your next investment, my advice can save you and earn you 100,000s of thousands!!!!

Let's get together and figure out a plan.  If you now where you want to go, I will use my experience and to help to get you there.


Ryan Anderson


CENTURY 21® Awards

* CENTURY 21 Awards Criteria
  • 2017 - C21® Canada CENTURION® Honour Society
  • 2017 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 2016 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 2015 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 2014 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 2013 - Masters Ruby
  • 2012 - CENTURION® Producer


I wanted to share with you a Lease to Own profit and loss statement.  Attached is a sample listing and the math.  There may be slight variations, but this would be an example of a normal return.  Feel free to pass it along to colleagues I am really trying to find this family a Landlord. I love to answer concerns and questions so please don't hesitate to reach out.




Purchase price 330,000

5% down payment 16,500 

3% closing costs 6,600


5 year fixed at 4% 1655/m 19,860/y

property taxes 2,971/y

Home insurance (building and fire only) 125.00/m 1500/y


Total property taxes paid for 5 year lease $14,860

Total mortgage payment for 5 year lease $99,300

Total Insurance paid for 5 year lease term $7,500


Rent per month 2,000/m 24,000/y 120,000 (increases to rent to match increases in insurance or tax)


Total principle paid down over 5 year term $40,000

Sale price $382,000 based on 3% increase each year

Tenant is entitled to $20,000 towards down payment (in other words you get it back on sale)

Cost to sell $10,000


You invest 25,000 for 5 years and you get back 109,000


NET PROFIT $84,000 somewhere around 28%interest per year!!!


All the while with no maintenance fees, no vacancy, no whining.


Toronto or Ontario or First Time Buyer Landtransfer Tax Calculator


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9 Attorney's lane, Woodbridge, SOLD in 21 days 97 percent of List

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148 Kaiser, SOLD for 30k more than same model neighbouring house in similar condition




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