Summer has, at last, beckoned in the North-Western Hemisphere and most notably, in the `Rust Belt' surrounding the Great Lakes. It was a harsh winter, plenty of snow, ice and Road Salt...sore backs from shovelling and now, nigh on July, there are still salt stains on the car's carpet and carpeted floor mats. Why is a Realtor® blogging about salt stains in the car? Because, it is our second home, second largest investment...and really, part of our home, in the driveway or garage. It is the right of Saturday or Sunday afternoons to wash, wax and vacuum this important object of the household budget.


The visual reminder of this past winter are the salt stains that trace the rubber or carpeted floor mat, it is ugly and cemented right into the car's carpet. A Realtor® needs to maintain a clean car and like many, takes pride in the car as with the job. How is the awful salt stain removed? Simply, Water and Vinegar...fill a spray bottle(from the dollar store) with half plain, white vinegar and water. Spray the area with the solution and let it stand. Return after the solution has penetrated the carpet and scrub with a wire brush. The salt reacts with the vinegar like the sensation of salt and vinegar on our Fish and Chips.



Simply scrub and then vacuum the salt stain and it should virtually disappear. Obviously, the worse the stain, the more applications and efforts needed to remove the stain. Now! This may sound I thought when I was first told (circa 1993), to clean and restore the automotive floor mats to look like new...Foaming Tire Spray!!! I was told this by an owner of a car wash...dismissed it as strange, albiet, never forgot the instruction. Many years later, after a tough winter, my carpeted floor mats looked terrible...I thought I'd try the tire spray. I pounded and vacuumed the floor mats, sprayed the mats with the tire spray...waited, then vacuumed again...'VOILA' they looked like new!!!


The tire foam lifts the dirt to the surface...let it dry and just vacuum! Easy and simple...although I would not perform this in the home especially with wool or silk carpets. Car carpets take a lot of abuse and are made from synthetic materials and a few simple steps can make a great difference and relief.



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