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Owning a home is a wonderful experience and is a source of great pride for many and especially for the first-time buyer. Not only is the home a 'bricks and mortar' structure but is a product or engineering maintained by mechanical units giving heat, water, cooking, washing, electricity and cooling in the hot summer. Pride aside, these mechanical units have a life-span and never as long as one would wish. The washing machine is only 3 years old and now does not drain or no cold water entering the unit, the furnace is not blowing warm air or is not igniting altogether and now the frustration ensues. Is there enough in the family budget for a new furnace or washing machine? How much is it going to be to get it fixed or replaced? Will there need to be a loan for a new furnace?...A $1000 to get it fixed or $2000+ for a new one?

What to do? Especially when the timing is all wrong (and generally is) and the expence is most unwonted. Before there is a fluster and a phone call to the repair-person...'Google' the problem and look for a online video that can offer an explanation or a repair to the problem. On line videos and forums can be great resources to household mechanical problems and in many cases can be a fix that the homeowner or a friend can perform and can save much money and stress. Obviously, certain problems are for professionals only and should not be attempted by the novice or vetern plumbing and electricity. But, a non-draining washing machine...not terribly difficult...

Firstly, diagnosing the problem is paramount to fixing the said problem but as in many videos, the procedures is within your ability and of first! Secondly, now that the problem has been discovered, the appropriate video sourced, the tools in home, borrowed, bought or rented...where to get the part? As most know, many of these bits can be purchased online at very good prices from suppliers or auction sites but if the product is needed right away...Amre Supply has locations in Hamilton, Cambridge, Scarborough etc. and carry many products available for many home appliances Chances are no matter how old or what brand of appliance, a video or part is available on-line because someone else has had the same issue and posted a video or have a part for sale to fix the problem. Many appliances are 'brand engineered' (the same unit, different brand name) and parts are interchangeable for that series.

It is fall and the furnace will not come on, or will not blow warm air or starting and shutting off and making a noise. Pilot light out?  Blower motor not working or draft inducer seized? There are videos for that and parts and procedures to repair...

The furnace maybe older and eventually should be replaced by a new and more efficient model but as the holiday season approaches and the household budget is not prepared for such expenses, a fix with a part sourced on line or at a local supplier may give a grace period to save for the new unit. Conversely, the unit may have just surpassed the warranty and although unfair, it must be repaired and one, from spite against the machine, wants to get even and repair oneself! What cannot be measured is the satisfaction that you fixed it yourself, it works and you did not have to replace it or make a call for service. I many cases, the videos' producers will respond to questions that you have as and when, you attempt the repair. Online videos are a great resource and are there for the benefit of the homeowner venturing into the D.I.Y. world.


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