Salt Stains on the Carpet Again!

Last year I wrote about how to remove salt stains and rejuvenate your cars carpet with tire foam. I return to this topic once again, this time it is to remove the salt from the carpet that surrounds the floor mat. We live in the 'Rust Belt' where the climate and weather heeds the use of road salt to melt ice and make our roads a safer place. Road salt is not only spread on the roads but sprayed in liquid form. There are salt stains on boots, shoes, pant legs, the floors of the home...everywhere! It rusts our cars and creates divots on the garage floor, it is corrosive and ugly. 


Some have tried carpet cleaner, vinegar, scrubbing and a myriad of other techniques. Years back, I was told that tire foam, the same that is used to dress tires once cleaned to make them shine, sprayed on the carpet can help to make them look new or as close to new as possible. I certainly would not use this process on a 'Roller' or Bentley with real wool carpet, but on synthetic, oil based carpet, it is hard to argue with the results. As a Realtor® my car gets plenty of use, in and out of homes on side streets during some of the worst that winter in Southern Ontario can and does deliver. This year has been an especially hard winter with plenty of snow, salt and slush and even as it is spring, Mother Nature has her own agenda. The use of tire foam is simple;

1) Vacuum Carpet

2) Spray Tire Foam on Salt Stains

3) Leave for a few minutes to work...then Repeat.

4) Scrub with Wire Brush

5) Vacuum Carpet and Salt Residue.



Honestly, the process could not have been any easier, The type of tire foam was simply which one was on sale and this took little effort and time and the results are fantastic. An easy fix and a great tip!


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