Old Man Winter

We live in Canada. So it is inevitable.....Old Man Winter will be here sooner than later. It's not all bad though. The real estate market in Kingston still remains quite active throughout the year. We sold a house last year less than 2 weeks before Christmas. People are still looking to buy if the right property comes along. With all of this in mind, here are a few tips to prepare you home for selling during the winter months:

1 - Clear A Path

Be sure to keep a clear path to entrances. And just as importantly....keep the driveway and curb clear, so potential buyers are able to park and access your property easily. Keep a rubber mat inside your doors, to minimize the mess...

2 - Let the Light In

Open blinds to let natural light in wherever possible. Turn on all lights throughout your home to ensure it is not dreary inside.

3 - Crank the Heat

Keep the temperature a little warmer than usual. This makes it warm and toasty inside, and encourages potential buyers to linger around a little longer, as opposed to if it was dark and cold inside. Some furnace or other heat systems can be loud, so this also eliminates the chance of the system coming on during a showing. Also, light any fireplaces you may have to add to the warmth.

4 - Music

Play something soothing and inviting. Jazz or classical are perfect. Keep CD's loaded so the music keeps playing. Avoid playing anything that might be offensive, or Justin Bieber.

5 - Easy on the Scents

Do not go overboard on air fresheners or other scents. Many people have easily triggered allergies.....and their stay wont last long if they cannot tolerate being in your house due to allergies.

6 - Visuals

Leave out some nice photos of gardens, plush lawns, swimming pool, patio etc.....so the potential buyer can see what they would have to look forward to in the summer.

7 - Make it Shine

Be sure to keep you house clean. Wash windows and floors, dust furniture, and light fixtures/ceiling fans. Polish any chrome faucets and mirrors.

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