Character Homes

I've been showing quite a few older character homes lately and it's got me thinking..

Everyone respects a well cared for character home.  How can you not?  They’ve usually been standing for almost 100 years and still solid as a rock.  They have such amazing features like stunning woodwork, gorgeous hardwood floors and unique floor plans.  It makes me think about the future of character homes.  Sixty years from now, homes built in the 70’s will be close to 100 years old.  I just think about my current home, built in the 70’s and I can’t imagine how people would react to homes like it 60 years from now.  “Wow, look at the fine work here.  Is that original shag carpet?  Look at the charm of those classic 1.5” tall baseboards!  Don’t tell me those are original aluminum slider windows! How lucky it’s got all the original wood panelling fully intact!”  Character homes may be a thing of the past!

Ryan Souster

Ryan Souster

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