Cold enough for ya!?

It's that time of year when road construction stops and we all start complaining about the cold and asking "why do we live here?".  I really don't like this response as I think the list of benefits of living here are far greater than the fact that we have cold weather.  Personally, I love the snow!  The first day after a fresh snowfall is so beautiful and quiet.  

No matter what climate you live in, people always seem to complain about the cold.  My Grandparents live in Arizona for the winter and we still hear them complain about how it's "so cold we have to wear pants today".  So if you do move because you don't like the weather here, you will probably complain about the cold anywhere!

If a person truly asks, "why do I live here?" and they say it every year and haven't moved; I'm convinced that they just like to complain.  Instead of complaining, why not think of the awesome benefits of living in a colder climate:

1. We truly appreciate spring and summer more than others who don't experience our climate.

2. We get more enjoyment out of a warm/tropical holiday

3. There are no bugs in the winter.

4. We don't have a climate that supports deadly snakes and spiders (the reason I would never live in Australia).

5. We don't have to worry about hurricanes, earthquakes or other terrifying natural disasters.

6. You would look very foolish snowshoeing, snowboarding, skiing, tobogganing, building snowmen, etc with no snow!

Got any more to add?  Feel free to comment below!

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