Did I just get Iced during one of my showings???

I was recently showing a client some townhomes in Saskatoon and as always, I make sure to open kitchen cabinets, closets, etc., to make sure things are in working order, to see storage space and whatnot.  Well, we were in a mostly vacant home (the owners had left a few items for staging and a few other things left behind) and I opened the front closet to see a bunch of two litre pop bottles and in the midst, there is one Smirnoff Ice!  If you are not familiar with the "getting Iced" game, a quick Google search will tell you that you strategically place a Smirnoff Ice somewhere that an unsuspecting friend will look.  Once they see the Ice, they have to down it!  My client and I discussed the idea of the current owner purposely "Icing" potential Buyers and we thought this may be the most genius marketing tool yet untapped in our industry!  

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