First Impressions Go a Long Way

Say you're going on a first date or a job interview. There's one piece of advice you can expect to get from just about everyone: Make a good first impression. Well, if you're hoping to court a buyer for the home you're selling, that rule still applies. You wouldn't let a prospective boss (or the man or woman you're trying to impress) see you for the first time with an untucked shirt and bed head. So don't let potential buyers see your home at anything less than its best. Dress your home to impress.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression' is as true in real estate as it is in life.  But this goes beyond the obvious decluttering (which we hope you do know you should do). It's about neutralizing your home so any potential buyers who come through have the best chance of visualizing themselves living there.

Put away all your family photos, children's toys, trinkets and anything personal that buyers could be turned off by. Why are family photos such a big deal. Well, if you walked into a home and saw photos of the family who lives there all over the place, what would you think? Probably: "Oh, what a lovely home they have." Not: "Oh, what a lovely home I could have."

Sellers often are used to the way their home looks and may overlook some aspects, which is why it is important to get a third party perspective.  It's important to bring in a Real Estate Professional who will tell you what should be done to improve the saleability of your property.  They may be small (seemingly insignificant) changes, but they may bring drastic results in how quickly your home sells.

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