Protect Your Property Against Spring Flooding

Protect Your Property Against Spring Flooding

Springtime in Saskatchewan – the snow and ice have started to melt, and after a winter of record levels of snow, we will be seeing plenty of meltwater in the next little while!

Ice damming is still a major concern, as I have personally seen it on both old AND new homes in Saskatoon this year!!  One of the best tips to keep in mind for the future is if you are replacing your shingles, there are inexpensive products that are a physical barrier between your roof sheathing and your shingles.  Normally applied to the bottom 4ft or so of your roof, if any ice dams form and water gets underneath your shingles, this is the last line of defense before that water gets to your roof sheating, potentially causing rot or moisture problems in your ceiling! Have you ever seen a dark stain on an interior ceiling?  Ice damming (or worn shingles) could be the cause!!

Other than ice damming, obviously with the amount of snow, we will have an equivalent amount of water!  The ground can only absorb so much before it starts pooling.  The precautions I took for my own home this year were to snowblow all the snow from around my house to at least 6 feet away from the foundation.  My home does have weeping tile, but if yours doesn't, this is an even more critical step.  You don't want water penetrating the ground and putting extra water pressure onto your foundation without having a place to escape. 

For whatever reason, my roof does not collect as much snow as many others.  It could be the direction of the winds or the simple design of my bungalow roof, but a lot of people went to the extent of removing excess snow to prevent ice daming, not to mention all the weight of the snow! 

As a preventative measure, I bought myself a small submersible pump this year.  I got it from Princess Auto for under $80 and it only needs to be in 1/2" of water to pump.  I have one problem area on my home that I know water is prone to pooling.  With my preventative measures of pushing back the snow from my foundation, this area has been problem free so far and I have not needed to use my pump, but I like having the added security!

My home is a late 70's model, so I do not have a sump pump installed.  If your home does; now would be the time to test it to ensure that it is working properly.  Did you know that in new homes, your weeping tile drains directly into your sump pit?  If your sump pump is not working, your sump pit will quickly fill up... which will quickly fill your basement with water!  To test your sump pump, simply pour a bucket of water into your pit.  Ensure that it is flowing properly by locating your discharge pipe and watch the water being discharged.  Your pump should quickly drain the sump pit of nearly all the water.  If it is not working properly, you need to get that replaced NOW.  Don't wait!  

There are a number of things that you can do to help protect your home from spring flooding. Click on this link to the City of Saskatoon to view a checklist of activities which can help you in floodproofing your property.


Also, an annual Spring Maintenance Schedule in your home may help to reduce costly repairs and provide peace of mind.


If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, or a friend or family member is, please give me a call. I would be happy to discuss all of your real estate questions with you... and I'm NEVER too busy for your referrals!






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