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We want to get as much traffic out to our new Condo project in Martensville this Saturday at Chapparal Ridge! We will be out there from 10-5pm November 2nd to show off this amazing project.  Prices start at $199,900+GST for a 3 bedroom duplex unit! Plus GST you ask?  I know, it's a bit confusing (and a bit odd that it's not included in the price) but GST on the most inexpensive model, you're still under $210,000 which includes appliances and has an unfinished basement for you to add equity into your new home.  There are upgrades available for each unit as well and a choice of finishes.  Appliances can be upgraded, granite counters can be added, central air can be added and so on.  You can custom finish your home, and the best part is that we can write it all into the offer so that you can mortgage the additional cost and not have to drop a bunch of cash right out of the gate!

We also have 2 bedroom duplexes, and 2 bedroom units in the 8-plex buildings.  The main floor 8-plex buildings are just shy of 1000sq/ft and include a full (undeveloped) basement!  The second floor loft units are just over 1000sq/ft and have beautiful vaulted ceilings.  We had done some quick math, and with all the upgrades included, GST, and our highest price unit is still UNDER $250,000!! This is such an amazing price point, these are going to sell quick.  Come check them out Saturday and bring a friend!  We have treats from DQ and a draw for a flat screen TV!

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