Taking in summer festivals and fairs

This year we have had some great weather for many of our festivals and fairs.  Living fairly close to broadway and downtown this gives an excellent opportunity to check out everything that Saskatoon has to offer without starting up the car.  One thing I've really enjoyed in the last few years at these major events is that a good amount now have a large, secure area to lock up your bikes.  Taste of Saskatchewan has a completely fenced off area with only one way in or out so would-be theives would have a lot tougher time gaining access.  

I noticed at the Saskatoon Ex, the price for parking is $8, still with a hefty walk ahead of you.  Bikes can be locked up near one of the entrances for free and you don't have to worry about any parking lot woes!

The summers always seem way too short, so the next event you decide to go to, consider leaving the car at home and grab your bike!

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