What Areas You Should Move to in Saskatoon

Saskatoon has a great diversity when it comes to how neighbourhoods feel.  There are some fantastic core neighbourhoods with homes that retain their original character, but also many smaller homes in the area are being replaced by much larger, more modern homes that you might find in the outlying, suburban areas.  In contrast, the newer areas in Saskatoon have a lot to offer.  There are great parks and schools being built as well as many new multi-use buildings that are gaining popularity.  These include low-rise buildings with commercial space on the main floor with residential apartments on the upper floors.  They really aid in creating a great neighbourhood feel where you can walk to local shops.

Which area is right for you?  That depends on where you work, the style or size of home you're searching for, what kind of activities you participate in, etc.  Saskatoon really does have something for everyone and below I have outlined my top 5 favorite areas that should satisfy the majority of those needs!

  • 1.  Evergreen - This area is a City of Saskatoon project that has lead to some amazing new architecture and great diversity in style.  Once completed, the community feel will be strong and with the announced new bridge, it will connect to the rest of the city seamlessly!
  • 2. Nutana (and surrounding areas) - this is one of Saskatoon's oldest neighbourhoods and is steps from the core of Saskatoon.  House prices are generally higher in this area, but for good reason! The homes are generally larger, with ample sized lots filled with older trees.  It's truly breathtaking in Fall!
  • 3. Downtown - For the trendy people out there, downtown is the place to be!  There are numerous loft style condo's right in the heart of the city.  As we see more and more of these condo's developed, the walk-able amenities will also grow.  Saskatoon has one of the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada and many of the most unique restaurants are located downtown.
  • 4. Haultain/Holliston, etc - This area is great for those who are interested in a more modest home, ranging in the 900-1100sq/ft range who enjoy a bit of character.  Mostly built in around the 50s, these homes range from purely original to heavily renovated.  The yards are big, the garages are detached, and the neighbours are generally older and quiet!
  • 5.  Riversdale - Saskatoon's signature "up and coming" neighbourhood.  The main artery is 20th Street, which not too long ago, was not a place most would want to walk at night.  Now, due to a bit of city intervention, this street is one of the most trendy and unique walking experiences in Saskatoon!  Many new and existing businesses have opened up shop on 20th Street and have really changed the perception in Saskatonians minds.  Homes in this area are some of Saskatoon's first; full of character and just blocks from the South Saskatchewan River.  It's not surprising that it's being revitalized!

Of course there are many other fantastic areas in the city that are worth checking out.  The many new developments are adding to the diversity of this great city and new restaurants and businesses seem to be opening up daily throughout. 

What are your favorite areas in Saskatoon?  Comment below!

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