6 Tips To Make Back To School Easier...



So we're one week away from the kids getting back to school, quite often a tough time for all of us, here's 6, relatively easy tips to make back to make the whole process less stressful.

Step 1.- Get The School Supplies Early-

Or as early as possible, as there's only about a week left, before the start of school. So the sooner the better, make a complete list of what you think you need and buy extras. Let's face it pencils, paper and books get lost and destroyed regularly, so a few spare items lying around can save big head aches later. Try to get all your supplies from one place, so you don't spend a lot of time traveling from place to place, adding more stress to all.

Step 2.- Set Up a School Work or Study Place-

Now that you have all the supplies you need, set aside a spot, preferably a desk fully stocked with supplies, in a quiet place whose primary focus will be School work and Study. Do this as soon as you can, if you end up waiting until school starts, it may never get down as you all get bogged down with back to school activities.

Step 3.- Sort Through & Plan Wardrobe-

Don't just go on a back to school buying spree, buying all sorts of stuff, randomly... Get organized, see what fits and is still in reasonably good shape, then determine what's missing & what you actually need. Then buy just what's missing, you'll save money time and avoid aggravation this way.

Step 4.- Plan the First Week's Outfits-

Let's face it the mornings, will be hectic the first week back to school, kids will want to sleep in, drag themselves through breakfast and the morning routine, having the outfits set and pre planned will save lots of time and lots of frustration.

Step 5.- Plan and Prepare the Lunches-

A healthy, tasty lunch can make a big difference, with a child's ability to focus, their energy level and over all health, helping them to get much more out of school educationally, physically and socially. So its pertinent to try to avoid that high calorie and expense vending machine or cafeteria food, not to mention over a school year we can save a lot of money by preparing our own lunches versus buying them.

Step 6.- Review and Update The School Plan and Progress

This really doesn't need to take a lot of work or big family meetings, really just exchanging emails with your children's teachers, ( I guess this really only applies to middle school, get harder to do, as does everything when the kids get to high school), sending a message 2-3x's a month to see how things are going can go a long way to better staying in the loop. This combined with simply having a 5 minute conversation daily with your child about their school day, will go a long way to ensuring a smooth and successful school year.


I hope this helps and good luck to All this school year.

Sabbir Chawala

Sabbir Chawala

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