How Landscaping can increase your property value


According to the Canadian Real Estate Association , sales have gone up 17.4% in Ontario alone
in comparison to last year as Canadians seem to be preparing for hot climates with hotter
Home sales in the first two weeks of May alone have gone up 9.6% annually, which sets sales
numbers on a path to setting a new monthly record.
So in the spirits of summer, doing some basic gardening with your family can also be profitable.
Landscaping projects are a great long term investment if you are thinking about putting your
house on the market in the future. So yes, those blooming hydrangeas, the spiffy front door, and
snazzy stone walkway you invest in can produce a solid return on your money very soon.
A home’s landscape full of sizely and mature plants that have been carefully tended to sends a
positive signal to buyers. Century 21 Real Estate agent, Sabbir Chawala says “The outdoor
grooming of a house often indicates how one has taken care of the inside of the home as well”.
Some of those benefits include:

● Lower noise levels
● Blocking of unpleasant views
● Lowering heating and cooling costs
● Improving home appearance
● Reduction of chemical usage on the property
● Optimization of the use of land and outdoor space

In a time in Toronto where listings demands outstripping supply in home sales, it is the perfect
opportunity to put an edge to your estate to make it stand out with the help of landscaping.
The Washington Post suggests to invest 10% of the house value to landscaping. There are three
main things to consider rather than just a high maintenance flowery garden for your outdoor
property: Curb appeal, decking, and hardscaping.

1. Some value adding ideas include a clean stone path to your front door to match with the
stone driveway and attractive plants with strategic positioning. But keep in mind to not
go overboard for non gardening buyers. Also, install an eye capturing entrance door. An
appropriately placed bench, possibly under a tree which can earn you an easy $1,000. x

2. Decks are also a great investment for little maintenance. They look great for years and are
expected return of 1015%. Take the chance and go large if you have the space. For
shade, consider from options of awnings, pergolas, or the natural best: a tree.

3. Lastly, hardscaping is the use of stones to define spaces and paths of patios or living
spaces. Patios expect a return of 12% and last for decades.

The most important part of landscaping is to plan ahead and budget accordingly by hiring a professional landscape architect or landscape designer for bigger projects. Not only is landscaping a project to be tackled on in houses, it can be done in condos and apartments as well. Busy Torontonians for the first time seem to be choosing condominiums over
detached properties, so naturally condo sales have risen 16.1% in the city. Smaller plants and private gardens on the roof or the balcony can add significant value to your
property and can help with energy efficiency . Even if you do not immediately plan to sell in the near future, a Money Magazine article found that landscaping can bring a recovery value of 100 to 200 per cent at selling time, greater than both, kitchen or bathroom renovation. What better reason to invest in your property and enjoy the benefits of an enhanced outdoor lifestyle now?

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