Preparing a House for Sale

Preparing any property for sale can be challenging and overwhelming. Every seller wants their home to sell fast and bring top dollars. Does that sound good to you? Well, it's not luck that makes that happen. It is prepping and presentation that  will enhance your home that will send home buyers dashing for their checkbooks. Here are some key strategies that will prep your house into a magnificent and hot selling home!



1. Make sure all lights are working.

Lighting plays an important role as it will not only enhance a home's features but make it larger and more modern.

2. Have the eavestroughs cleaned out (if not done since autumn).

A big part of protection come from eavestroughs. If we do our job and maintain them, they'll do their job and protect our homes from precipitation and water.

3. Make sure smoke alarms are installed on every floor, and carbon monoxide alarms on every floor or at least on bedroom level.

People who are sleeping do not smell smoke and are unlikely to wake up in the case of an emergency. The most effective way to avoid this is by  installing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms.

4. Find the receipt of the last roof replacement ( if withing 10 years) and make a copy available to the inspector, so the date can be recorded in the inspection. The roof may be still under warranty.


5. Have copies of any recent building or electrical permits or receipts for major repairs available.


6. Put owner's manuals together in a binder or file for future owners.


7. Install a fresh furnace air filter and clean or replace any other filters (electronic air filters, range hood filters, etc.). 

 Like most people, you probably don’t give your furnace much thought as long as it’s keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But in order to keep it working to its excellent performance — and help prevent a possible malfunction — you need to either change or clean your furnace filter.

8. Clean kitchen vent hoods.


9. Make sure all circuit breakers are labelled in the electrical panel.

Labeling the individual circuit breakers by location will help you determine if there is a problem and make it easier to reset the electricity to the circuits that switched off. Circuit labels can be made of sticker labels or from a label maker. Be careful how you label and just list the circuit locations so that you don’t get confused.

10. Label furnace shut off switch. Clean dust off furnace and water heater.


11. Make sure cover plates are installed on all light switches, outlets, and junction boxes.

Plate covers on switches and outlets are important for preventing electrical shocks.


12. Painting old concrete basement floors always makes the basement look much neater.


13. Ensure attic hatch is accessible and openable, and there is access to the electrical panel, furnace, water heater, crawl spaces. 


14. Label main water shut off valve and interior shut offs to outside hoses.


15. Clean dryer vents exhaust hoods on the outside.

Cleaning dryer vents exhaust hoods is important in case dryer gets clogged, the temperature may increase, decreasing the lifespan of the appliance. 

16. Run a dehumidifier in old basements to reduce chances of a musty smell.


If you are looking to sell your home and get top dollars please do not hesitate to contact myself Sabbir Chawala and Century21 Innovative Realty Inc.



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