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What is so special about Chatime?! According to Chatime, they are the #1 Bubble Tea in the World with over 800 stores worldwide.

I kept seeing people posting about the BEST bubble tea from Chatime and that the wait is about 30 mins or longer. How is it ever possible for a 30 min wait for BUBBLE TEA??

After seeing many people posting on facebook ranting about how good Chatime is, I just had to try it myself since I get bubble tea at least twice a week.

I finally went on a Saturday afternoon to Chatime Markham and I can already see the small store packed with people. I went in and it was hot and packed with people sitting and standing waiting for their drinks. I ordered what they are famous for "Chatime Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly." From the time I ordered till I got my drink, I waited for 45 mins. The problem is not that they are super busy with people, they don't have enough people to make the drinks. The wait to order wasn't bad. I waited for about 10 mins, but the wait to get my drink took forever. Not only that, but with so many people talking and waiting, you can't hear the girl call out your number and they don't use a microphone.

Now for my opinion on "Chatime Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly", I don't like the grass jelly with my bubble tea and I don't think it's that great. It's better than their "Chatime Pearl Milk Tea", but not something I would wait in line for. I have tried "Chatime Roasted Milk Tea with Tapioca" and "Chatime Pearl Milk Tea." Chatime Roasted Milk Tea with Tapioca is better than Chatime Pearl Milk Tea because I find that the Chatime Pearl Milk Tea tastes like Destiny's Milk Black Tea with Tapioca. They have 2 sizes, Regular and Large. The price for either one is pretty cheap. For a large bubble tea is $4.70, which is pretty cheap.

My overall experience with Chatime is good except for some minor issues: 1) the wait is too long for a bubble tea, 2) it's too hot and 3) can't hear the girl call out your number. I would go back if I am dying for a bubble tea and if Ten Rens or Serissa are not around.



Sabrina Wong, Sales Representative

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Sabrina Wong

Sabrina Wong

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