Crystal Buffet in Scarborough

If you love buffets for the vast variety of foods to choose from, this is definitely not the place for you. I love buffets for the fact that I can eat whatever I want and try a little of everything. Crystal Buffet is where China Buffet used to be; Warden Ave and Hwy 401 where the motel is.

I walked around every stations looking for something to eat and just looking at the variety. Still walking and 5 mininutes probably went by and I still had nothing on my plate, but mashed potatoes. Ok now it's getting ridiculous. Taking my second stroll around the tables, I still had nothing. It's 6:30pm and it's dinner time. I can't believe my eyes that all the stations and the chafing dish or buffet servers were EMPTY. How can the trays be empty?! I complained to my mom and she had went to complain to the manager. Still no food after 10 mininutes that I came back to my table with: mashed potatoes, salad, bbq pork and a couple of broccoli. I love to go out and eat, but after walking around I was already disappointed and ready to go home. If you have a question and don't speak Mandarin, don't ask the cooks handling the lobsters.

I must say this place is ONLY for you if you are looking for a CHEAP buffet!!! If you want something cheap and not care for the variety of food and quality, then this may be the place for you. The only reason why it is so busy, is for the fact that on Monday to Wednesday for lunch or dinner, it's buy one get one free!!! BOGO!!! Who doesn't like that?! But maybe if they have more variety and the chafing dishes were always full, then it would be an ok place for what you pay for. Apparently, lunch is better than dinner. The only difference with dinner is that you get a coupon for lobster, which is what everyone goes for mainly.

If you don't care of the quality, not as picky as me and want something cheap, then I would suggest you go here and give it a try. If you go to the mall and like to eat at Manchu Wok for lunch, then you might as well go to Crystal Buffet for lunch from Monday-Wednesday and give it a try. It's probably cheaper if you bring someone since it's buy one get one free and you get more food.


Sabrina Wong, Sales Representative

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Sabrina Wong

Sabrina Wong

Sales Representative
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