Selling Your Home In The Winter

Just a couple of tips if your home is on the market during the winter months. Leave the front light on and ALL OTHER exterior lighting on. The days are short. It is hard to open the lock box and unlock the door when there is no light. And a well lit home looks inviting, safe, and well, nicer.

Make sure there is a mat or two, inside, by the door that is large enough to put a few pair of shoes on. It will help keep your floor dry and clean. We will remind our clients to take their shoes off. We don’t want to mess up your home.

Leave ALL interior lights on, or at least, turn them all on just before a scheduled viewing. A home with lights on and the fireplace going is warm and welcoming on a cold winter night. Buyers tend to want to linger. You want them to linger and to feel at home because you want them to buy it and make it their home.

Clear the snow and ice. Seems obvious, but I have been injured on the job more than once because I slipped on an icey sidewalk at night. A couple of years ago I was hurt badly enough so that I couldn’t work for a few days. I know I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt on my property and I am sure you don’t want anyone to get hurt on yours.

Activity slows up a bit this time of year. But experience tells you that buyers who are coming out on dark cold nights to see homes for sale are SERIOUS. Each time a buyer views your home it is an opportunity. You need to do everything that you can to make it count and the little things do make a difference.

Oh, and the cliche: baking some cookies before the showings doesn’t hurt. At the very least, you’ll keep me happy when I show up. I’m ALWAYS hungry.

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