8 Tips for Selling a Home in Summer

Steamy summer months aren't always the hottest time of the year to show your home to prospective buyers, but take the right steps and you can get interest in your place sizzling. So the experts recommend taking some extra steps to make sure your home shows well in the summertime.

Here are eight things that every would-be seller should do this summer to get their property moving:

Don't skimp on air conditioning
No one will want to look at your home if it's as hot inside as the temperature is outside. Don’t  try to save money by turning the air conditioning down when you're out. Doing so will create the risk of having a place that's too warm or muggy if house hunters show up on short notice.

Leave the lights on
Keep lots of lights on at all times -- especially in the basement, hallways and other places that don't get much sun.

Create a pleasant smell
Pet smells or musty basements are bad enough in cooler temperatures, but summer heat can make them unbearable. Clean the kitty litter regularly, and consider relocating your pets for a while if that's what it takes to keep your home smelling clean. If you tend to have a damp or musty basement, clean it with bleach to remove mold and mildew before putting the home on the market. Then use dehumifiers to keep everything dry.

Water the front lawn
Keep your front landscaping looking good to maximize curb appeal.

Have a clean front door and windows
A nice front door makes a great first impression, but keeping one clean takes extra effort during the summer pollen season. Also thoroughly clean all windows inside and out before you put your home on the market

Provide school information
Leave brochures and contact information for all nearby public and private schools on a table in your home where would-be buyers can see them.

Go away
Summer vacation or not, all occupants -- including kids & pets -- must clear out of the home any time would-be buyers drop by.

Would-be buyers want to imagine what your home will look like with their stuff in it -- not yours. Depersonalize your house by removing offbeat furnishings and taking down most family photos. Throw out, give away or store off-site as many things as possible to make your home's rooms and closets look spacious and clean.

The above article was written by Jerry Kronenber and obtained from www.thestreet.com.

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