How to Get Top $$ For Your Home: Declutter Your House

In real estate, buyers buy space. The more space you're able to show, whether it be living or storage space, the more you'll be able to sell for. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. Most people are pack rats. Rooms have too much furniture and you'll find stuff overflowing in every nook and cranny. There's little space for walking sometimes, much less for living.

Decluttering is the process of reclaiming the space in your house from years of collecting and storing. Don't expect the buyers to ignore all this and imagine your house in its clutter-free state. Buyers sometimes see dozens of houses in one day and their brains are overtaxed. Declutter so the buyers can see your house, not your mess.

If you do nothing else to improve the value of your house, at least do this. Remarkably, decluttering is free (it just takes time and elbow grease) yet a lot of sellers don't put enough effort into it!

To re-iterate this important point: buyers buy space in real estate.

January’s Tips

Decluttering Tips--Return anything that doesn’t belong to you. You’re going to be busy packing and moving your own stuff. Don’t add to your woes by moving someone else’s belongings.

Repairing Tips--Oil squeaky hinges. It seems obvious but sellers sometimes discount these small distractions as unimportant.

Cleaning Tips--Bathrooms: shine the mirrors and chrome surfaces.

Revitalizing Tips--Laundry Room: fold towels and stack them on the shelves. It’s eye candy to look at.

Showing Tips--Pets: one option is to find someone to pet-sit them during a showing. Otherwise, keep them in a kennel and let the buyers know you have pets. Keep your fingers crossed that the buyers won’t mind.

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