Amazing, we immigrated to Canada in 1967, Centennial year, it's amazing even though we were little children, it still remember with pride my father's little to speech to us about this amazing country.  Today this is your new home, you will forget where you came from, you will be loyal to this great nation, from this land you shall have freedom and a life you never dreamed could exist for you, your children, your grandchildren and many generations to come.  The message was truly of embracing this as home, this is home and will always be home. 

We are all immigrants my husband's family immigrate generations ago, from Scotland  and his great, great, great, grandfather was part of the confederation of Canada. 

Celebrate our rich multi-cultural heritage and be kind and gently to the nation, and be respectful of the many generations who toiled and sacrifice for what we have today, which allows us so much, we just have to watch the news to be thankful. Be a part of the solution and not the problem, volunteer in your community be mindful of the needs of others many families in the past would not have survived if not for the generosity of Canadians who came before us.

God bless and keep Canada safe!

God bless Canada and its people. 

Sally Munro

Sally Munro

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