10 Must Summer Checks for Your Home

Maintenance for your home can be difficult in winter, but with a bright weather summer is the right time to check for the seasonal damage as well as fix them with simple DIY procedures.


The below mentioned 10 tips will not only prepare your home for a amazing summer, but also save the costs for the months ahead:

1. Roof: Performing roof checks in summer can be much easier and less dangerous. Whether you decide to get up there and inspect or get expert advice is totally a choice that can help you save some money. If you decide to inspect make sure the roof is not loose, securely warped, and don’t forget to check for missing shingles as often they cause all the problems. Also, you can peek in the chimney to track is all seals are intact.

2. Gutters: The can be the real cause of flooding, so although the weather is not favourable in winters keep them clean and as summer comes keep maintaining. For starters  check for blocked or loose gutters as twigs and leaves can be a menace.

3. Leakage: Hoses, attics and crawl spaces are the first places to look for leaks, don’t forget to take a peek under the sinks, water heater piping. The first emerging signs of leakage are corrosion stains, so if you see any don’t wait to seek assistance.  

4. Drains: All the drains should be cleaned regularly both underground or exterior this is among the first steps to prevent flooding during rain and storms. If you contract a professional on an annual basis drains are easy to maintain.

5. Siding: All siding pieces often may corrode during winter or may be loose as a part of your routine seasonal check, inspect and make sure all pieces are secure.

6. Window and Door: There are a wide range of products to seal windows and doors securely with simple DIY procedures begin by examining the exterior caulking. Always choose products that will keep windows, doors airtight and are waterproof.

7. Cracks:Cracks can lead to bigger problems so if you inspect any mend them right away with the help of patching agents. Especially be sure to fix patches in driveways, sidewalks to further avoid a bigger problem.

8. Exterior Painting: Summer is good time as it brings the best painting deals, on exterior paint brands. However some home owners choose to paint during the holiday season on the interior, summer is great time to touch up the interior paint and start exterior painting.

9. HVAC: Hire a qualified technician to service the home’s HVAC system to make sure it is running properly. Also, this is a good time for home owners to replace their HVAC filters.

10. Grading: Check with the help of an expert that the grading of the yard slopes is appropriate for the foundation this will block the excess moisture.

The amazing summer weather calls for the home maintenance also you can spend some family time working together on small DIY projects. Do let us know your feedback? Feel free to share your comments or suggestions, summer home checks. While you’re here, don’t forget to view homes for sale and new listings on Century21President  


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