Be Aware of Text Scams Barrie

Are you aware of the latest type of money scam? This comes via text. If you haven't already, be sure to inform your kids and family members of the importance of not clicking on a text link. Here's why...

A  common text scam is your mobile company is giving you a refund, click the link. This is a scam! If your mobile company is giving you a refund they can add that to your account.

Scammers are getting more savvy. Once they hack into your phone they can text your contacts that YOU are sending them an e-transfer, click the link. 

So again, be sure to advise your kids and family members who have a cell phone.

Always be wary if you are asked to enter login information, or credit card information.


Other Scams:

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will never call you and demand payment. They contact via mail.

Here is some information regarding the CRA scam.

Text Scams: Yes you can even get a scam via text. 

Rental Property scams via Kijiji and Craigslist.

Email Scams

Be sure to pass this blog on to your friends and family.


Photo credit: Payette Forward

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