Is your Home Winter Ready? An Insulation tour of your home may be whats needed?

Take an Insulation Tour of your Home 

   An Insulation tour of your home may be what's needed to ensure you can preserve the structural integrity as well as save money on bills this winter. Did you know that one-third of all air leakage in a home can be attributed to walls, floors and ceilings?

Although you may think your home is well insulated, if it has conventional air permeable fibrelgass or cellulose insulation, gaps, seams or damage could compromise its performance. It may not sound like much fun but a tour of your home's insulation could be a sound investment in energy and money savings.

Here's a checklist for the 4 Key stops to make on your tour. (courtesy of Industry specialists at Icynene and at

1. The Attic:

   - Look out for sagging insulation Batts (are precut sections of insulation) gaps

   - Are there any signs of moisture or mold on the insulation

   - Make sure soffit vents are not covered by insulation to maintain airflow

2. The Basement

   - Check insulation around the rim joists (where your floor meets the basement foundation walls) for gaps

   - Seal any penetrations that go through the basement ceiling to the floor above including those for the electrical and plumbing service

   - Look for sings of moisture or mold on the insulation

3. The Crawl Space

   - Make sure the floor above a crawl space is well insulated to keep heat from escaping into the crawl space and to make your floors       more comfortable

   - Check that the insulation has a moisture barrier or consider a closed cell spray foam insulation option that can provide a built-in vapor barrier

   - Check for signs of moisture or mold

4. Room / Attic above the Garage

   - Is it too cold in the winter or too warm in the summer? It may benefit from a spray foam insulation for a complete air seal and proper seal to the garage ceiling

   - Look for sagging insulation batts and gaps

   - Check for signs of moisture on the insulation


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