Petrov's Home Improvement - Lawncare tips for Approaching Fall

Petrov's Home Improvement
Lawncare tips for Approaching Fall:
1. Remove the Leaves
- Autumn leaves look great and make for wonderful pictures but are bad for your lawn if just left alone. The leaves if left can harm your grass by denying sunlight and foster disease in the grass. Rather than collect them, use your mower to mulch them onto your yard for an environmental and nutrient rich fertilizing option.
2. Harvest Rainwater
- Adding a rain barrel is an easy way to capture water for watering lawns, yards, gardens and even washing tools or cars
3. Let the grass grow
- A great way to prevent weeds from taking over your lawn is by not cutting your lawn so often. Longer grass supports a deeper root system. Plus with longer grass it grows slower than shorter grass reducing the amount of mowing time, gasoline (in the mower) and wear & tear on your equipment.
For more tips check out my Blog for details on more ways to make your house a home!

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  1. Lawn Care in Victoria 10/24/2015 at 1:22 AM Great Tips Petrov! It's good you mentioned removal of leaves because as they decompose, you are correct that they can foster disease, mould and other harmful bacteria that don't contribute to a healthy lawn. Leaf mulch works great for lawns but only if it's dry when you spread it. Spreading wet leaf mulch it's very difficult to get it spread evenly as it will clump together. Spreading out the leaf mulch when it's a nice dry day will be much easier to work with.

    Rain Barrels are also a great idea that we wish we saw more customers taking advantage of!

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