The Spring Real Estate Market is NOW...

The Spring Real Estate Market is NOW…

Getting your home ready to market for sale?  Most Buyers want to buy a home where they feel a sense of “pride of ownership” on the part of the Seller.  Please find some tips below…

1.  Improve curb appeal by doing the following:  Refresh the mulch and weed your gardens.   Add seasonal flowers.  Trim shrubbery and hedges. The front of your home should be free of debris such as garbage cans, children’s toys/play structures, etc.  If you have a front porch it should be staged nicely. 

2. Upon entry to your front door, Buyers will take notice of the condition of your door, make sure the door and trim have been freshly painted.  Sweep away cob webs from the doorway and light fixtures.  Wash your light fixtures (or replace them if they are worn or dated….and replace light bulbs.)  If the door hardware on your door is rusty or worn, consider replacing.  Wash windows and storm doors.  Make your entry sparkle and say “Welcome,  I am glad you are here!”

3. The Foyer/entry area is very important for first impressions.  Is there an odor?  What do we see or “feel in the home” in this area?  What is the over-all feel of the experience we are about to have in your home?  Make this area SHINE, too!  Mirrors reflect light and are good.  Too many area rugs not only provide slipping hazards, but they draw the eyes down…you do not want to do that.  Declutter.  Keep it light and simple. Draw the Buyer’s attention to the positive attributes to your home and away from the negative ones.

4. Furniture placement in all rooms should allow easy walk-thru and access.  Personal photos should be minimal.  Paint colors should be neutral.  If the views out the windows are pleasant, open all shades/window treatments, let the sunshine in!  Turn all lights on in all rooms for all showings. Carpeting should be clean. 

5. Kitchens and bathrooms are important.  They should be sparkling clean and free of clutter.  Remove magnets, notes, photos, etc. from refrigerator!  Remove a leaf from your table if it makes your eating area feel tight.  Tip:  A drop of vanilla on a cookie sheet warming in the oven 15 minutes before a showing makes your home smell like you have been baking all morning!

6. Make sure all beds are made, clothes are put away and closets are as organized as possible.  Remove extra furniture,  personal photos or wall art that may distract Buyers.

7. Basements and garages are used for living spaces and storage spaces.  You are moving, so it is OK if there is a corner of these areas reserved for boxes, etc!  Please, however, leave these spaces safe for Buyer prospects to walk thru and allow easy access to circuit breaker boxes, sump pumps, heating/AC systems, etc.  Make sure everything is labeled.  It is good to have your systems cleaned and serviced before listing your home for sale (showing a Buyer you have taken good care of your home.)

8. Do not leave personal/financial items, jewelry, money, valuables or medications out in your home.

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