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I recently attended an open forum meeting for realtors and the main topic of disscussion was "newsprint or internet".  Some very interesting points were made. 

  1. Where do sellers look more often, the newspaper or the internet, when picking a realtor?
  2. Where do sellers look for their listed home advertisments?
  3. Where do buyers search for homes?
  4. Where should we as realtors spend our advertising dollars?
  5. Where do sellers and buyers find out about open houses?

The group was very divided, but I think what stood out most was the ages of the realtors that discussed both sides.  The older more experienced realtors maintain that newsprint or paper ads are the only way to go and worth every penny.  The younger newer realtors discussed that internet is number 1, high resolution pics and information abound. Times are changing, internet is in everyones homes now, and the information one is able to put on their homepages and blogs is endless in comparison to a 2x2 print ad.   

In my opinion, it depends on who you are trying to market too.  If retirement condos are what you are selling, the internet is maybe not the best method of advertising, many retirees are not internet savey. But the younger first-time buyers are all about the internet.  In this day and age advertising in both markets is still required. 

My last open house, a couple of younger buyers came through with the newspaper in hand and circled the open houses they wanted to attend, interesting...

What do you think? 

Sandy Walters

Sandy Walters

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