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 I recently attended The Home Program, here in Medicine Hat, AB and was very surprised by the low number of people that attended.  Everyone thinking of buying a home should attend this.  It was held at the Medicine Hat Real Estate Board building, a Thursday evening for 2 hours and Saturday afternoon for 4 hours.  It was informal and very informative.  Also FREE.

There was a local mortgage associate, a lawyer and a property inspector as guest speakers who did a great job explaining their roles in the home buying process.  They gave us lots of information and were open to all the questions we threw at them.

The program breaks down the process into sections. 

  • Costs associated with home-ownership, not just down payment also closing costs and transfer fees.
  • basics of mortgages, how they work, what is available, and what you need to apply
  • explaining credit ratings
  • hiring a realtor, what they can do for you, rules and regulations, sample of a purchase contract
  • why hire a property inspector
  • what a lawyers duties are
  • how the assistance program works, that's right, by attending this program you may qualify for financial assistance with the purchase of your home.

Very helpful information for everybody, I hope people attend the next session. 



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