E-signatures, electronic agreements and electronic tablets

With commerce becoming increasingly digitized, electronic agreements and contracts have grown in popularity. Some Realtors® have started to use electronic tablets when providing real estate services.

The tablets contain, for example, the electronic version of service agreements and Contracts of Purchase and Sale of real estate. The signature of the buyer and seller may be captured by their signing on the tablet, much like when we sign on a tablet for receipt of delivery of a couriered package or at a credit card terminal. The agreements can be printed or emailed directly from the tablet.

The Council has considered the question of whether electronic contracts are enforceable when the signature of a party to the contract is not signed in ink, known as a “wet” signature.

The Council has concluded that electronic agreements and the use of signatures written onto an electronic tablet can create enforceable agreements, whether these are service agreements or Contracts of Purchase and Sale of real estate, so long as all of the essential elements of a contract are in place, e.g. the parties to the contract are known, the terms of the contract are clear and the parties have agreed to those terms.

The Law and Equity Act requires that a Contract of Purchase and Sale of real estate, in order to be enforceable, must be in writing and signed by the party to be charged or an agent of the party.

The courts have expressly supported the view that, while the traditional form of writing is a paper document, the definition does not preclude other forms of expression, including electronic communications.

The reason for the requirement of a signature to a contract is to ensure that there has been acknowledgement and approval of the terms of the contract. The signature need not be in any particular form and the courts have supported both manual “wet” and electronic signatures, and electronic signatures that are password protected, as well as those that are not.

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