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Lincoln Ontario resides just west of Niagara Falls on the shores of Lake Ontario. With St. Catherine's to the east and Hamilton to the west, Lincoln provides a breath of fresh air when it comes to wonderful places to live. Established in 1788 by Butlers Rangers and incorporated in 1970, Lincoln is still considered to be a town rather than a city. With a population of 21,722 as of the 2006 Census, you'll find that this beautiful area will have a lot to offer in the way of history, real estate, and a growing economy. For those planning to relocate and have been considering southern Ontario as your primary destination, you'll find that Lincoln will provide you with a vast number of opportunities that you'll be able to take advantage of.

* History

As stated before, this is an area that was established back in 1788 by Butler's Rangers. Some of the earliest residents of this area were found to be Neutral Indians that dated back to the mid-17th century. Although since that time this area has been developed into one of the most sought after locations in southern Ontario, these early findings have played a huge role in the growth of the entire area, which includes locations such as Hamilton, Stony Creek, Grimsby, St. Catherine's, and areas around Coleman McNab and Youngstown. There are a number of additional historic points of interest in this area, and you'll discover them if you've decided to make this particular area a relocation destination.

* Real Estate

When it comes to real estate opportunities, you'll be able to find all that is needed in this lovely area. Although the town of Lincoln spans over a small area, you will have a number of opportunities in and around the area. Whether you would like to live near parks or rivers, you will have real estate opportunities available in those areas as well. If you choose to live in the small community of Lincoln, you will find single and multifamily homes in these areas in addition to the others. If you are planning to purchase property for new construction, you can choose from land with acreage or lots that will be available for this type of opportunity. Regardless of your needs, you'll be able to find all that you need in the wonderful town of Lincoln, ON.

* Economy

The economy in this particular area is driven by the surrounding economies in areas such as St. Catherine's and Hamilton. Many of the people that live in Lincoln commute to some of the nearby areas for employment purposes. Because this location is less populated, there are a vast number of individuals drawn to this positive quality. You'll discover that more and more people are beginning to move away from the more populated areas and choose small communities as a better option for themselves and their families.

So, if you've been thinking about moving to the southern area of Ontario, Canada, you'll find that Lincoln, ON will be able to provide all that is needed when it comes to historic value, real estate opportunities, and an economy that is driven by all of the surrounding areas. Sometimes it becomes difficult to make a decision about relocating; however, when you find a location that provides you with a vast number of opportunities, it just makes life a whole lot easier when the time comes to make that move.

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